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I would like to request samsung team to officially declare that if they're going to provide update for C series? or NOT? just answer the question yes or no.. please samsung team if you have 1% of care about your customers than ans. it..
aukat nahi updates dene ki to itni series kyu nikalte ho...if you are not capable to give updates time to time then why are you launching so many series.. be like 1+ and other brands who are actually customer centric brands...
when c7 pro is going to get major os update?it's on 7.0 naugat and on the other hand chepest devices is getting oreo updates shame on samsung....
my device c7 pro is keeps heating while charging after new update given recently and the charging time is also increased bye 30 to 40 mins please solve this samsung...
Finally c7 pro has got security updates...i would like to thank the team and willing to get new updates as soon as possible