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I'm so irate right now that I've decided to just cancel my purchase of the S23 Ultra.Purchased my ultra directly from the Samsung online store... received a call a few days later from what I assume to be the after sales department wanting to know if ...
Hi Community,Yesterday during a meeting I needed to make notes, but my Tab S8+ wouldn't respond. I tried hard rebooting several times with no success. The screen just stayed black. Wouldn't respond to any touch or button presses, but I could periodic...
Hi Everyone, I'm curious what you're using to protect your screen. When purchasing my device, I saw people complaining about how hard it was to install the protective film by Samsung and that the film easily scratched or got bubbles.I decided to get ...
Hi All,So I'm curious. When contemplating buying the S23 Ultra, the promotion said, you would get the Tab S6 Lite Wi-Fi and R1000 in Samsung rewards. You would have to register for the rewards though.I purchased directly from the Samsung Online store...