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Cloud has many colours If these colours combine with sun rays, believe me there is no artistic colour can be matched with those natural colours..Yesterday when I saw those natural colours, I couldn't resist myself from taking the pictures of those co...
Wonderful to see some historical things of a patriot who has been known as one of the greatest patriot of India.We can't forget his heart shaking dialogue: 'Give me blood, I shall give you freedom'. Unfortunately we couldn't give her enough honors an...
I hope all bengali know this place..
Here I'm sharing some pictures of Pranab Mukherjee's houses to show his success story.1st two Pictures will show you the condition of his childhood and to know what condition he had been subjected to go.Then few pictures will show you his life's prog...
Every year this fair (Pous Mela) held since 1901. First this mela was introduced by Laurate Rabindranath TagoreDated : 2018