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After all wiping and cleaning... Things I liked: Overall smoothness. Pretty dang smooth.Sleek animations.The fingerprint sensor has improved a lot. I mean...A LOT!New Well-being and Device Care. (although it is very useful now, because of my OCD, the...
Even when I had turned it on by default to clean at 3 AM, it cleaned everything at 12 AM. Now after turning it off completely, it doesn't turn off. It still cleans unnecessary files at 12 AM.    Does anyone know which service needs to be freezed? or ...
Also read notes and disclaimerEdit: I don't mind this spam but this spam doesn't have memes comparable to "Wen in India" (Windows phone days) 藍
NOTE: This is just one iteration of the experiment. To be absolutely certain more devices and samples are needed. So I encourage people who have access to more devices to compare various phones using the same method and see if we are actually doomed ...
Does anyone know any way to adjust brightness of AOD? It's way too bright. At night, a supernova like shine is just one tap away. Burns my eyes. Lights up the entire room. If I turn it upside down it shines the floor like it's a set designed for a fa...