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M30s is always ignored by Samsung. 1. First they give priority to M30 and M20 over M30s(new and costlier than M30 and M20) for android 10 update. 2. Then they skipped one ui core 2.1 3. Then they skipped one ui core 2.5 4. Now again they are del...
The network reception is very very poor. internet connectivity while traveling is almost zero if u r in a train. 
Samsung you can release beta update for M30s, there is no need to directly release the stable build. some of us are impatient and willing to try beta update.Those who also need Beta update create your separate post so that they can hear us loud and c...
So many of us are asking for internet speed meter but you are not listening then what is the point of these requests? 
What the hell Samsung? We waited for so long to get a fix for widevine L1 and still u can't fix it?Why r u ruining our experience day by day? Is 3+ months time not enough for u to fix the prblm or u r dumb as moron?A phone which is sold as the best m...