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Local copies of many images are disappearing from my phone. I have searched everywhere for an image and then found it in Gallery, and what do I see? This:Its located folder is in "OneDrive", not its original local folder.I have not chosen to delete l...
I have even tried restoring the messages from my previous phone (Note 8), but they do not restore to the conversation.Why are they deleted?
[Solved]: I had to check "Show System apps", because Google is a system app.I found out that Google has been using my microphone in the background, unbeknownst to me, as I have not given them microphone permission.I constantly check permission manage...
I am unable to send or receive any file or use pretty much any service from Samsung Flow without turning allowing Location permissions.Why does it need my location?
I used to have over 55,000 images in my WhatsApp Images folder in Gallery, but now I have 49,000Yet I still have 56,000 images in my WhatsApp folder in OneDrive.WhatsApp Images folder in Gallery:WhatsApp Images folder in OneDrive:This is by far not t...