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I have OneDrive linked to Samsung Gallery, and it used to (past tense) upload my WhatsApp images and videos to OneDrive.Gallery Settings, shows that "Sync with OneDrive" is on.Samsung Cloud settings (redirected from Gallery settings. Shows "Synced wi...
Local copies of many images are disappearing from my phone. I have searched everywhere for an image and then found it in Gallery, and what do I see? This:Its located folder is in "OneDrive", not its original local folder.I have not chosen to delete l...
I have even tried restoring the messages from my previous phone (Note 8), but they do not restore to the conversation.Why are they deleted?
[Solved]: I had to check "Show System apps", because Google is a system app.I found out that Google has been using my microphone in the background, unbeknownst to me, as I have not given them microphone permission.I constantly check permission manage...
I am unable to send or receive any file or use pretty much any service from Samsung Flow without turning allowing Location permissions.Why does it need my location?