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How to get this toggle, i saw it online but i cant find it. I have s21 ultra latest update november 21.
My new s21 ultra keeps restarting suddenly every couple of days. I tried resetting the phone and after a few days the same issue occured (phone suddenly restarts). And i would be using it lightly (no heavy apps). Do other s21 owners have this issue a...
I have wired type c earphones and when i try to connect to my s21U it says the connected usb device is not supported. Why is that? The earphones work i tried them with different phones. 
 كان في ميزة حلوة على الهواوي انو لما يتصل عليك شخص و لم ترد عليه يكون مكتوب كم ثانية رن الجوال. حلوة عشان تعرف لو رنة قصيرة او طويلة. كيف ممكن اعمل نفسها على السامسونج
So I entered my credit card to buy from the galaxy store an application. However the store took 2.50 riyals to check the card and didn't return it. Is this supposed to happen or what is the issue here?