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Hi if anyone of you are still waiting for your free tv that was promised by samsung if you have purchased the note 20 DM me im here to help 
What happened to Samsung they making empty promises everything they say its all lies.First of all you enter there competitions and then you win, but when i claimed my price i was told that it was a mistake and that i didnt win anything and i was neve...
Does anybody have a spare s pen to sell please mine is broken. I have the Note 20
Hi If you are still waiting on your TV from Samsung please contact me for more details on how to get it. Those thieves working for samsung must be learnt a lesson. I eventually got my tv. Don't let these thieves steal what's yours. And I know exactly...
Days turned into weeks and now months of waiting over R20k spent, several emails and phone calls later my claim for my tv has got rejected. Samsung didnt have the decency to inform me that my claim has been rejected, and when i called 3days ago i was...