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Hi guys,Does anyone have a problem while redeem voucher because i was tried to add but said already registered then i tried another coupon same same .Reply plz
Dear guys,When I am trying to make a call or respond call while talking it's good once take from ear it's in black screen everytime will touch the power menu for end the call this problem with tempered glass or sensor because brand new phone.Plz help...
I have a problem with note 10+ signal issue only connecting top of the terrace and ground floor and outdoor connecting few places just 2% signal bar is full and showed 4g but data not connecting at all please send us solution.
Hi,I am using note 10 plus and I have a problem with internet if i try to use indoor at ground floor or outside there is no connection also call failed to reach but I am try in open top terrace of my building it's working fine also I tried to diagnos...
Dear members, If I open any applications error showing like (Task performance error try again later 2013) anyone facing same problem? Please give me solution how to rectify.Thanks