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Galaxy Store app update brings new left bar new tab with options. This !dea is great & should own Samsung much before...
I think this 👇🏼 is the reason why I fail to deal with my fone's battery life. Or this is software bug. Might be territory temperature & seasonal effects.Initial months I used to charge my fone every 2nd or 3rd day but now I've to charge this 2 time...
Samsung galaxynote9 Android 10 beta #oneui2 in Europe Beta Testers Review Beta Testers Review
Galaxy S10+ in Ceramic Black looking DOPE 😍 Do you like it?
Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 Looks Gorgeous 😍 Follow me on Instagram@syed_asifaly | Share | Comment #Samsung #GalaxyA51 #GalaxyA71 #GalaxyS11 #S10 #GalaxyNote10 #GalaxyS10 #GalaxyS10Plus