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شباب انا كنت حملت تحديث Android  10 في بداية نزوله في شهر 4 لكن دلؤقتي مسببلي مشكلة في البطارية،  هل في تحديث للمشكلة ولا التحديث ينزل لللي مكنوش  android 10 اصلا بس!! 
Hello guys I wanna ask if anyone noticed that they've problems in Wifi ! As I got no internet connection although the same modem giving internet to other people?!!!! شباب حد لاحظ ان الواي فاي عنده بيهنج و بيكتب ان مفيش نت بالرغم ان نفس الراوتر ناس لا...
I want to make routine from Bixby routines that allow me if I said "Delete all my Accounts " he will delete them all I'm trying to make it done but there's not an option for that !! Can @Samsung add it plz ? 
Hello Samsung users Could anyone tell me how to add Bixby routines into Secure folder?? There's an app I wanna customize it !!! 
I'll write it with English or Arabic to help me guys My new A70 phone doesn't get any notifications when I leave it after 30 min, and if anyone call me over the internet, it'll appear that I'm offline or busy even if its next to me and connected to W...