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Beloved pet captured with a beloved devicelove her just as much as Galaxy#LoveforGalaxy
Galaxy store has recieved an update, giving it a fresh new gradient color on the icon and FINALLY dark mode support! Now, lets wait for Galaxy Themes, Samsung Members and Samsung Health to get dark mode support too! I mean, these are stock samsung ap...
hello everyone! i just wanted to make a post summarising everything we know about the upcoming s11 family so far.lets start off withSpecsCamera:•48mp 10x optical and 100x hybrid zoom (possibly for all 3 models)•108mp main camera (for all 3 models)•12...
The latest update for Galaxy Wearable App promises improved connection time and bluetooth connection stability, so how did it effect the experience?Recently, i've sent this feedback on Galaxy Wearable App And not even a week later, this arrivesAnd af...