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Dear all, My s21 ultra giving me in-accurate directions while using my Google map , always thro me away from the correct directions. Can you please advise hiw to over come this issue 
Hello,Lately i have noticed that my camera every time I open to shot some photo , it opens so bulry , then I have close it and reopen the came one or times so I can see the photo clear so I can take the shot.Any idea why , and how to solve the proble...
Dear all, support team,For some reason I start feeling that my battery drains too fast ..Any idea why , and how to overcome this issue 
Hello,I need help, for some reason my S22 won't connect to my father Hotspot, it just says couldn't connect.Noting that I have made a connection reset bit still didn't work.Appreciate your assistance. 
Dear members, Am getting the attached error repeatedly since morning, can you please advise me how to resolve it.Also, what's the email of Samsung support so I could approach them.