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Does it consume more power more than 12This what I found
Guys,I have updated my mobile to android 13I have started facing a problem with recharging it particularly with the ladt 5% I mean when the battery reaches 94% the speed of the recharging is being slow The last 5 % It was taking not more than 2 minut...
Is it coming soon?
Missing features even after updating Android 11Samsung OS still crazy #missing features ... Do you have missing features in your mobile comments them please.I think the current software is missing many features which I have reported before like:1. Lo...
#missing features ... Do you have missing features in your  mobile  comments  them please.I think the current  software  is missing many features  which I have reported before like:1. Lock Apps.... missing2. Cleaner  .... missing3. Fingerprints  .. 5...