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I am encountering an issue where when i answer calls when fhe phone is folded, it doesnt output the call to the loud speaker but just in the phones earpiece so i have to unfold the phone. This happens when my non-samsung smartwatch is connected with ...
I just found out that the Z Fold 3 got an extra 4gb memory (virtual ram) on the last software update. I don't think i have ever maxed out the memory of my phone but this is great to have just in case we need it.I believe only few phones support's thi...
I am encountering a bug with facebook dark mode in my Galaxy Z Fold 3. Dark mode in facebook app works fine in the cover screen but it goes back to light mode when unfolded. And i am unable to change it back to dark mode while unfolded.Weird.Incase y...
I just got my Z fold 3 and just found that the Samsung galaxy entertainer is no longer in the benefits section of Samsung members. I purchased the full version of it in my s21 ultra and now I cannot use it because it is missing.