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Great work by #SAMSUNGAE #SAMSUNG consistently pushing security update right on time and improving on it. Keep the great work onn cheers 😁
Cheers dear team Samaung......perfect time to release the software update instead of end of the month. Hope to see the same regularity in glorious 2nd year of Note 10 starting onwards.
Great work samsung and i hope you will keep on doing so......
Great work Samsung......just get us some update where gaming become good on exynos version. We cant play demanding games of FULL FPS AND EXTREME GRAPHICS. Where its possible on Snapdragon verson. Please help us with it. Dont shame your own processor.
This day more frequently happening that buds dont get connected woth my Note 10+ and have to do connection manually going to Bluetooth option in setting. Even its draining battery of my phone bit faster as i use them for too much video consumption an...