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When I use an app in secure folder samsung pass doesn't offer to save password or help me remember or fill the password automatically like modern password managers like last pass and dash lane password manager.Samsung can make partnership with these ...
Samsung pass should generate strong passwords automatically this will help protect my data by easily creating strong password and save it into Samsung pass securely this will save the time and effort.
I hope you add feature to open three split screens at the same time to increase productivity it will be useful in landscape mode.Watch YouTube, open the browser and twitter or Facebook at the same time without they come on the top of each other it wo...
I hope you add ability to measure dimensions of things, measuring distance, width and length of things like if I need cable from this room to other ot can help me to do that by telling me the length of the cable if it's 15M or more.Maybe using AR tec...
Focus mode can only be activated manually I hope you add automation to it and make it more customizable, like IOS block certain calls, apps in different focus mode, and this should be activated if certain criteria met like in specific place, time, et...