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The Intelligent Unlock doesn't have the require eyes open option like face unlock does.Seems like a big compromise between security and convenience. Hope Samsung addresses this soon.
My year old Galaxy S9+ suddenly failed. The screen started turning green and the touch started going hay wire. The water damage indicator near the sim slot shows that there is no water damage. Over time the display started getting a green hue and the...
1. Add Instagram mode to camera.2. Add full screen Android gestures for third party launchers.3. Allow other grid options in quick settings.4. Bring back smart things quick audio output switcher to the notification shade.5. Call and Message Sync keep...
Galaxy S9+ hasn't got Motion Panaroma Support yet.
The S10 debut feature, Instagram mode is still not implemented on the S9 series. I believe this has to be a very simple tweak for Samsung to add this feature to the S9. I expected the feature to be available after One UI update but it wasn't and now ...