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ESET security is one of the best security system & working security system on Android right now. I have been using for almost an year. And its keep giving me the best service than any other apps had given me yet.Features:App Lock: Everyone downloads ...
So currently my phone is not connected to any charger, yet it's showing that it's charging. WTF is wrong with my phone?
Does anyone having problem with updating two certain apps, "Google Chrome" & "Android System Webview"? Because I have been having this problem for quite a long time. Some people said to clear the data & force stop it before updating. I did that. It d...
What does this Mobile Radio Power option do?
I have been using M20 for one year, three months. And I am having so much internet problem. In 4G connection, The symbol shows, but only the arrow UP is constantly lit. The DOWN arrow is blank. I can't use internet for few moments. It happens constan...