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Hi all yesterday the keys cafe was made available gor A51. But it is draining battery in background, I think it is not being optimized for background activities. I am already using many goodlock modules but no such issues found. So please consider th...
Guys keys cafe is now available on A51. Please checkout the new feature. 🤩🤩
Guys I set bixby voice as the default assistant app. But after restart the is going back to google assistant. So that I need to change it again. Please suggest me a way to fix it.
Guys in A51 is there any option for disable vibration. I don't like vibration so, now I am turning it off for individual notifications in the settings. Please give me a suggestion.
Guys new keyboard update is available. And it is just awesome. The new effects on content suggestion is amazing 👏 😍. I'm keeping eye over the suggestion panel while typing other than the key words because it is attracting my mind. You guys try it a...