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Guys tell me what browser do you'll use on your phones other than Chrome, browsers like Firefox, Microsoft edge, vivaldi, opera etc etc, I do not use pre installed chrome because it is resource hungry and takes too much battery life, pls suggest with...
Guys who own this or have used it, pls reply.. How is this tablet for 12000. Wifi model, thanx in adv
Galaxy buds plus completely removed from the inventory, before at least it would show not in stock or notify me, now even notify does not come, why #samsungindia #samsung
Hey guys, s21 series don't just have the regular colors but also special colors at no extra cost like gold and red in s21 plus and s21 in dubai, why doesn't India have all this, maximum mobile phone users in India and China, given the population, the...
 Only s10 lite users pls suggest if I should buy a screen protector or put a tempered glass on my s10 lite , if yes , then which one , pls help guys , thanx in advance.