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Almost no New feauture No extra dim, No Video editor, No Ram increase feature, No Slo mo, Nothing noticeable except privacy and look of phone.Samsung Always focus on its flagship phone and consider low end and Mid level phone as GarbageSad Reality  ...
Unsurprisingly, in line with Android 12, One UI 4 focuses on customization for its significant changes. There are some more extensive updates to privacy and device care, but for the most part, these alterations are minor across the board. We’ve compi...
Emojis have become an important means of sharing emotion and intention in messaging, especially due to the difficulty in conveying your tone through just words. New emojis are frequently added to the Unicode Standard, and typically OS upgrades need t...
These new Galaxy smartphones will get quarterly software updatesSamsung launches many smartphones and tablets every quarter, and it can be quite hard to keep track of their software update schedule. The company had announced that it would offer three...