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I don't know if its me. But Sunday morning I've droped my phone in the pool on purpose. Nou its freaking out about the USB convertor. It says the its disconnected and connected. What should I do to make it stop? I have restarted my phone and shut thi...
Hi there. The only thing that I hate is that my phone cancels out the fingerprint and FaceID after 4 hours of idle and 24 hours use of them. Can I disable the security protection when I want to unlock my phone?
I have getting tondom phonecalls lately. I don't know who els is also getting random phonecalls lately. But I don't like the way that random phonenumbers calls me. Please call +27 76 660 7083
I need to know why my Samsung Galaxy A10s doesn't read the original earsphones. But my Samsung Galaxy Tab E can read the original earphons. I have to physically turn the earphones at the jack to let my Samsung Galaxy A10s eventually read the wired ea...
Look at the top right coner just left of the battery. I don't why, but when I get 2 bars of single then it stays 4G. It doesn't go to 3G or 2G. If someone know about this or get confused by this. I don't know if its a problem or if its normal. But I ...