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Samsung add a safety feature some custom roms has it which we can set our charging limit like if I apply 90% battery after that even charging is on phone can't charge beyond my set limit
Add shake to switch on/off flashlight like Motorola phones have it's so irritating to enable flashlight from notification panel Add Internet speed in status bar Remove power saving mode icon from status bar as it can increase chances of screen burn o...
Today I received ads on Samsung note 10 lite of Samsung wireless buds and the app which is sending ads is Samsung push service. I tried to uninstall it or disable it but both options are not thereWill uninstall it with adb method but Samsung don't be...
Guys from past some days I am seeing some people on member app saying you should update your phone through odin or smart switch Please explain how to do it and is it seriously necessary ? 
It's been 7 months since Note 10 lite and I have been reporting issues Every month but there's no solution by samsung  Their executive thinks we are dumb in the name of solution they tell us to clear, reset, check is there any damage, restart serious...