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the UPI function is not working in my Samsung pay for balance checking as well as for sending money it is showing unexpected error.
it is not confirm that what are the changes has been done in this update but I have got 197 MB of update today morning so please let me know that if you will get any information regarding the changes in this update.
Most of the time if I uninstall any application its icon still remain on the same place. if I am touching that icon that is showing "app not installed" message.This problem is only can be solved by restarting the device. And this problem is mostly oc...
When I making video call through Google duo on my Galaxy A9 Pro after the naugat update I found that every time the call Get Connected, the backlight of the touch capacitive buttons are always on during the video call. Why this problem is coming. Thi...
I am using Reliance jio 4G in SIM slot 1 and Airtel in the SIM slot 2 in my Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. when I am going out of coverage area Reliance jio signal shows emergency, but when I come back to the network coverage area it still shows some block i...