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Galaxy s22+

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Now a days my S22 plus battery charge is discharging very fast, with in 4 5 hours even in WiFi usage, the draining is too quick, and when cellular data plus video call... may be 2 hours and the phone is dead... this is some software issue or Samsung showing its effects after 1.5 years of normal usage.. 😔
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Thank you for reaching out regarding the battery concerns on your S22 Plus. We apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing.

To troubleshoot and improve battery performance, kindly consider the following steps:

Ensure you're using an approved charger to prevent damage.
Avoid using old chargers, as they may provide insufficient power.
Confirm that the charger is compatible with your device's charging requirements.
Close all applications when charging and turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi.
Utilize Power Saving Mode to reduce battery consumption.
Use the device in Safe Mode to identify potential third-party app issues.

Perform a battery test through the Samsung Members app for diagnostics. To do the test, please follow the below steps:
Open the Samsung Members app and tap “Support”.
Tap “View tests”.
Tap “Test all” to start Diagnostics.

If issues persist, please visit our authorized service center for further evaluation.
To find the nearest service center, please follow the link below: