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Community Content - Feedback Request Resolved!

Hello Members Want to request you all to take 2 mins to read below and share your view-point on a few things. As part of a campaign to encourage our Members community to share their hobbies and passions, we have asked BAs to start the conversation by...

Posted by: Avinav
Community Manager

Spam Content & User Ban requests

Hi All Recently, there have been many reports of users posting spam/inappropriate content on the community. Many of you have been reporting the same and having a dialogue with these users. Thank you for this! Going forward, if you want to bring the u...

Posted by: Avinav
Community Manager

What happens with Samsung?

Samsung releasing there phones one by one instead of adding some features or fixing problem in existing one that are requested by user. Since last 6 month Samsung release about 13-15 smartphones in all price range.pepole buy their phones due to its q...

About Spamming Activities.

This Is To Let All know About The Spamming Activities Done By Some Members In The Samsung Members App.Guys, This Community Is Built For Helping Each Other and Solve Problems & Issues.This Community Is Not For Doing Advertisement & Promotions Of Other...