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The assistant menu is a very useful feature. It can outsmart the 'one- hand mode' in most of the circumstances. But still, shortcuts to activate "Assistant menu' cannot be seen. Kindly include it in the 'side key+volume up' shortcut list. Thank you.
New battery usage statistics contains lots of information. But accurate discharging rates cannot be yet understood. The vertical selection strip must be movable and expandable.
I use DARK mode all the time to reduce the glare and power consumption. But I realise that during outdoors, right below sky, my eyes strains at the screen to read and feel comfort with the LIGHT mode. So I wish an auto dark- light switch feature be t...
Why pop-up and split screen not available for Samsung members?
Hi everyone, I posted a suggestion regarding a pop-up view in the recents page on 23rd April. I don't know whether it was their response or not. But really so happy to see that the problem was fully solved through the security update released on 28th...