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Hello there nice people of samsung community with S9 series of tablets Samsung has introduced many rich features and made powerful gadget box!I've been using my tablet for quite some time now. And I have noticed in my daily use sheer lack of optimiza...
It's more than few month I have been using S9 series, coming from early days of Samsung Tablet journey (adopted Galaxy tab GT N8000).I saw huge improvements both on device and performance of S-Pen. Matter of fact this post is written entirely with S-...
Hello ppl !Recently I faced a weird issue. Many apps which are quite popular are marked incompatible with S9 tablet on play store. (Pic attached) On Launching app it redirects to open browser to show "NOT SUPPORTED" message. Also some apps though get...
S pen when connected to back of S9 table, Charging to 100% Completes in just 15 sec ! Just 15sec !!!(Stand by time after full charge is about 5hrs. I keep S pen in book cover slot)Is this charging time normal? Or is the battery in my S Pen faulty?#S9...