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Finally, Samsung Pakistan has officially announced their One UI 2.0 and Android 10 update schedule.S8 , S8+ & Note 8 will not recieve Android 10 update.
I am Tired of all the **bleep** of Tech giants not working properly in Pakistan.I recently got a call from Samsung Pakistan saying that Samsung doesn't allow features regarding bixby in Pakistan other than the basic ones.Bixby vision has just 3 featu...
Hi guys, i am using S9+ recently bought it.Bixby doesn't work as advertised in the tutorials and like on youtube videos.Are you guys also facing the same problems?Like 1) it Doesn't downalod any app from Google play store2) it doesn't call #Uber3) it...
Download MediaBox HD from web and watch and download latest movies and Tv shows. Here is the link, www.Mediaboxhd.netEnjoy 🙂
I have done a thorough and vast research by watching videos, asking Samsung's customer service and by visiting websites.Here are some tips for charging your Samsung device,1. Don't charge your phone to 100%. Charge it to 80-85% 2. Don't let the phone...