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Hi friends please i need a help i don't know why i can't send messages to numbers like 1346 but i can send to normal DU line help me please will send a screen shot now   
Please guys if I want to send a message to du network from my note 9 is not going but if I get my sim put in another phone and try it then it goes Please I want to ask if anyone knows how to help me thanks.I have the attachment which happened 
Please how can I change my Samsung website not to be the 1st to use automatically I want to make a choose it use to bring both Samsung and Google but now is going to Samsung on it's own.
Good morning my people please I saw my battery is going down fast and I want to mall of Emirates and they check and say is battery so I ask to change it and I did 250aed but the new one is still going down like other one just thesame please I need he...
Please how can I take out app that is making my battery is go fast let me show u guys Please