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I normally put on my akg earphones at night to listen to songs and simultaneously scroll through insta feed, since day before yesterday i have been observing that when i play songs on youtube and simultaneously scroll/type in other social media apps,...
Hi guys,So i have been to beach a week's back and my note10+ got dipped into the water (sea water) for 15 seconds and i dried it up for almost 6 hrs.Later that day when tried to plug in the charging, it resisted to charge as there was moist. I didn't...
Whenever i ride a bike ( a moped/motorcycle ) after a couple minutes my GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 starts detecting that as CYCLING.Any solution to this? Or should the samsung provide an update? Anyone knows anything about this, please HELP.Thanks
The youtube video play quality has been maxed out for my galaxy note 10+ (although the screen resolution is set at WQHD+).Anybody else has faced / have a solution, Please contribute.Thanks#galaxynote10+ #videoquality #issuewithyoutube
1) Phone keeps on freezing and nothing works for a while, after a while only the lock buttons work then i have power off the phone (*not even restart because it doesn't work either) and later power on the device to get back it's functionality in norm...