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While i was using my Samsung Galaxy A32, my bluetooth randomly turned on and connect to the paired device, how to turn off that thing to get rid of automatically turning on of bluetooth.
How to get rid this type of notification of SMS messages mainly from Service providers. Which interrupt during using my phone.
I am facing this issue since I purchased my device. WHENEVER i export the samsung notes file its rename automatically and the date and some other number as shown below in the image are added. So how to export file with the official name, without thes...
Why my Samsung A32 is Hanging or lagging when I Restart my device. This causes problems for me and when i restart the device the device hang or lag and slowly slowly first the home screen app will slowly appear, then slowly app screen appears and whe...
Whenever I start to download an apk in my mobile Samsung galaxy A32, the downloading is taking a lot of time, which was not the case before. So you guys help me and tell me how can I do it right.