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Dear samsung,There is bug in OneUI 5.1 on galaxy m53 5g. When I'm using device and suddenly it stops responding and back to the lock screen and I have to reenter my lockscreen credentials or use biometrics to unlock and reopen that app. Please fix th...
Hello samsung,I'm using Galaxy M53 5G and having latest software update till date. I'm facing issues of audio video sync while playing videos on youtube with 1080p or above with wifi and mobile data and power saving mode on/off. This issue only occur...
Thank you samsung for the new one ui 5.1 I love this update 
Hello samsung, I'm using galaxy m53 5g after recent security patch update I'm facing issue while playing music with Amazon music. Music stopped playing at any time randomly. Please fix the issue.Thank you. 
Recently I face weird bug or you can say glitch on my M53 5G. I was just scrolling and watching some instagram videos on phone speakers but suddenly my audio was on mute for approximate 10 seconds. Can someone explain me what was happening or any oth...