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I just bought a new Samsung s22 ultra and when I trued to use Samsung pay it said this.. why does my new phone not support Samsung pay??  
So in recent some of my apps just don't refresh. It's like a loading sign is there and it said can't refresh. It's happening with most of the apps. Instagram, Facebook, zomato.Anyone else having this issue??? Any ideas on why??#s10plus 
My YouTube just doesn't load .. it gives a blanc screen.I tried disabling it and then enabled it but its the same.. same issue with my Instagram also.Anyone else facing the same issue ? 
So my Instagram doesn't refresh, I am using S10+ .. it has happened before and somehow it started working but again it just freezes and no one else has complaints abt Instagram. It just doesn't refresh any new uploads. I can see the same 4-5 images s...
My phone has been making wierd morse code type notification sounds for a week now.. i have no idea why ..Does anyone know what the issue is??