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Hello Samsung A50 usersI am trying to open camera application but its showing an error "camera failed".& when m trying to open social application it's also showing error about battery..Battery overheating unplug the charger Solution please..
Hello everyoneI am still waiting for June & July Patch level update... brand A50 Made in Vietnam..Please tell me anyone if you have any suggestion..ThanksWaqar
Today i got update for my J7 pro.. after installation there is no any bugs issue on my device.. thank you #Samsung galaxy for giving us best product & services..Dubai. U.A.E
As per Turkey Website we J7 Pro user can get Oreo update on expected date 12 Oct 2018.. its not sure beacuse we already waiting for it..Please check the attaced photo also..Thanks Vicky
Hi everyonetoday afternoon my daughter drop down my device J7 Pro but after 8 hours my mobile screen color changed to purple color check attached there any solution please suggest me..thanksWaqar