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So Samsung Galaxy Buds+ had this issue where one of the either buds would lose much more battery than the other one. Like the right bud would have 90% while the left bud would have been down to 65%.What these smart people did was, released an update ...
Hi one and all. I'm a S20 user and I'd like to request everyone using the S series to kindly ask for a refund because this over heating issue is clearly a hardware fault so there's no use replacing it with a new one. I'm using the replaced device and...
The S20 series has received 3 updates till now but has failed to fix the heating issue which is one issue of the many. I have been using the replaced device as i thought mine was faulty but turns out it's an hardware issue. I'm just waiting for the s...
Let's create a great thread by sharing fun wallpapers matching the central hole punch design. #GalaxyS20 #S20series #WallpapersHere's mine:
For some reasons, my right bud drains more battery as compared to the left one and it's not like i use the touch pad more often. I hope this is an software thing which can get fixed. Already fed up with the S20 i got and now this :((