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This is what I expected from Samsung.The sibling A5x gets update (monthly) and high priced A7x won't get update (only gets quarterly) always appeared unfair. Having same chipset also make the update creation easier. A72 so far getting monthly updates...
Surprised to see A72 got May security update.Though a little bit late but got 2 monthly updates came in for A72.Is there any official confirmation that A72 will be getting monthy updates?
Even F62 is not giving battery like this in 3 days.A72 is really rocking in battery life.
S21 ultra second may update 223MB is available in India.Camera and fast charging issues I hope are resolved.Not sure any heating issues are fixed.
With 5000mah, A72 gave ~9.5 hrs SOT over 2+ days.The same battery capacity of S21 ultra, is doing OK but I feel battery life is little less than A72.