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Samsung should bring slow motion mode In A6 plus camera ..if a Chinese phone wch comes around 5k have this option why can't A6 plus. this is the matter of concern..I request Samsung authority to bring this option so that customer get maximum satisfac...
Hello Dear Samsung team..As I upgraded my phone A6 plus to new version that is pie ...It upgraded successfully but now after installation I am facing various issue now I'm demanding new update for my phone so that these issues can be fixed...Some iss...
Hello my Samsung team I'm a A6 plus user Im facing several problems after I upgrade pie version successfully...Like battery is now draining so quickly..Camera performance has been degraded...Chat over video chat missing ..Many features are missing an...
Hlo my sweet Samsung team..Hope everyone is finePlz tell me when did we get pie update for a6 plus. I realized Samsung is one of the laziest company to release updates..I'm waiting for a long..
Dear Samsung team plz tell me when. Did I get pie update in my galaxy a6 plus