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Why has Samsung decided to shift off on regular style of statistics of battery live and usage?I do live the newer ui of device care but there isn't a way you can find the total screen on time from the time of 90%+ charge!I guess this is something man...
I have a galaxy S10 and love rhe pixel Live wallpaper series which I offload as an apk usually from xda developers.It turns out most of the included wallpapers crash a couple of seconds after you open it on the wallpapers app. While few of them work ...
I'm a fan of 'Task Changer' especially with the stacked apps in vertical orientation with blur effect.The standard recent apps menu looks naive and less premium for the rest of the UI.It woold be wonderful if the One UI 2 gestures can be designed for...
The dark mode is a dark shade of grey and looks cheap in high brightness, especially on the quick settings panel.A Deep black colour is very satisfying.