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This is the first Samsung phone which I've owned that still has a consistent battery life even after a year of usage. I think the Note 7 debacle made Samsung step up their battery game! I'm impressed :)
If you've been waiting to test the ARCore support on your phone, then someone ported Google's AR stickers to Samsung phones (which support ARCore) Try the V8.3b...
There's a sudden discolouration of the the dial on my Gear S2 classic. I want to know if it has happened to anyone else, and if it is something that was covered in warranty.Note: My watch was never exposed to water or high humidity even though it is ...
While I completely lost hope that Samsung will ever push the NFC based SPay update to Gear S2 (which is available in other regions right from launch), this seems to be the first useful update for this wearable in ages. So go ahead and update your wat...