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What is your review of the battery life and heating issues of s20 plus?I have been using the phone since 15 days and never charged it to 100%Max upto 80% and one time more than 90%.SOT is between 3 to 4 hrs on medium usageI stop using the phone at ar...
Note 9 screen turned green suddenly.unable to use phone properly.Any tips?
I mainly use this tab for Netflix and Amazon etc.I am not getting good screen on time and battery life.Samsung claims video playback is around 14 hrs.. I am getting around 8 hrs only.This is a wifi only model and I keep Dolby atmos ON.Bluetooth and l...
Hearing very low *clink* sound from my phone since 2 days.. Even though no app is running.Note9October patch updatedSuggestions pls..
Case highlights 1.Using original charger and cable2.Phone charges normally when it is off.3.Phone charges abnormally when it is on. example - Charging screen shows 73% plugged in. After few min still shows 73% and when Phone is unlocked, it drops to ...