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هل هناك أي أكواد ترويجية تعمل حاليًا على موقع سامسونج الخاص بالملحقاتلم يعد الرمز السابق PREREG50 يعمل.Is there any promo codes currently working on samsung website for accessoriesThe previous code PREREG50 is not working anymore. 
How can I redeem my Samsung reward points and what are the benefits of these points? 
The scenario:I have two physical sims in my phone. When there is a call on one of the sims, the other one doesn't work (Internet, messages etc) Example:SIM 1 for Internet SIM 2 for receiving message from banksWhen I receive any message on SIM 2, the ...
اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهI need honest feedback about the Galaxy Watch 5. How is the batteryHow is functionality of calls and other featuresIs it worth buying since we know that many important features do not work in Saudi Arabia جزاك الله خير 
What cases are you guys using? Please share your experience about a good case which offers drop protection and doesn't make the phone too big and heavy. Also, as of now I can only find some good cases on Noon and Amazon. Where else we can buy spigen,...