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Bug in S23 Ultra

(Topic created on: 04-20-2024 01:48 PM)
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جالاكسى S
Hi, I am facing a bug since yesterday. At around 1pm in the afternoon, i received WhatsApp group call from one of my friends for a few seconds, which i did not pick up. My phone is always on do not disturb mode but whatsapp group calls activate the call ringing sound. From this moment on, there seems to be a bug that is affecting my phone. I keep receiving a similar notification sound at random intervals when there is no actual notification. So basically, there is no new meesage, call or any any notification from any app, but still i just hear the notification sound, when in reality there is no notification at all. I did the following until now to troubleshoot:
1. Restarted the phone multiple times 
2. Powered off and powered on the phone 
3. Clear cache of my phone 
4. Uninstalled WhatsApp and reinstalled (since i suspect that it might a bug caused by the WhatsApp call which i mentioned earlier)
5. Checked notification history, but couldn't find anything there. 
How to solve this please? 
جالاكسى S

Are you sure notification reminders option is turned off ? 

Tab & hold on Whatsapp app - app info - notificatio - category turn off other notification 

جالاكسى S
I changed it to silent. But still the same issue.
I have disabled the "other notifications" now. Will observe and see. But silent means that there shouldn't be any sound. Let's see1713610720565.jpg
جالاكسى S
Still the same after disabling it