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Hey All, This is an update for my old post about Note 9 Display Discoloration issue. Refer my Old post here posted in April: I'm f...
Hello,Can we trust these phone readings of HR, O2 and Steess levels ?Would this Softwar technology is accurate for the clinical measurement of Oxygen Saturation?
Hi Guys,If anyone from Hyderabad facing display issues due to recent updates or your display got a problem suddenly in recent times please comment here.We have created a group for this and wanted to fight united to solve the issue. If you are in warr...
Hi, In settings we have screen timeout options and max we can set for 10 min. Can we override this option either through third party app or any other way like through developer options.Any workaround would be appreciated 😊Q) Why should I need this??...
Its been rare to see those forums without this spell check option now a days. However, its not introduced in Samsung Members app yet Where users type their description of post.Hope this will reach concerned team.