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Particularly 'Google' app in my phone consuming lot of battery, despite putting on sleep mode and everything. Is it just case with me or anyone else also facing the same issue. Please check and share. Thanks for your time.
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Guys this is regarding battery charge time. My A50 does take on average 2hr 10min to charge from 0 to 100%. This is when device is switched off, so I believe it is the maximum rate it could be charged with. But I have seen some users comments saying ...
Dear Samsug, as we all can see you're more focused on producing new phones and updating, supporting only your flagship devices. I own midrange A50 and been waiting patiently for updates to bring camera improvement, as I mainly use camera most. But it...
Hello there, does anyone noticed blue tint on display when phone is locked. I been experiencing this on my phone for while now. Probably it supposed to be blue, because it goes back to normal once phone is unlocked. Please let me know.