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Greetings. Why can't I have Samsung Pay active on more than 1 Watch please?The batteries are horrible so I have to interchange use, but then I have to forgo this feature I use a lot.When my cards are activated on one Samsung Galaxy watch, they are de...
The volume on my bud lives drops and can't be rest. When watching a video on my phone and then taking a call on my bud lives, the video playback volume is dramatically reduced and can't be rest to the original level even when it is increased to its h...
Is there something wrong with the batteries of these watches or what's happening? Do the new apps and software use too much power or what?The watch 4 has horrible battery.I got the the watch 4 classic and it also has horrible battery. Better than the...
Greetings.I haven't used my Samsung Galaxy A52 5g since getting the s21+. I don't remember the pattern to the A52 and it's not giving me the option to input the pin which I do have. Please help me unlock. Google find my phone doesn't give the option ...
Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 battery supposed to be so horrible? It doesn't even last 8 hours of use.