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Ok so.Here's what I'm facing (it's really annoying please help me)1. Charging doesn't work when plugged to the wall adapter. (I tried different cables and different outlets and different power adapters and nothing worked) (it only charges for 5 minut...
Hello, I am trying to charge my M22 but its recognising the cable as a USB device and not a charger.It charges for 5 minutes then stops and switches to the USB OTG mode.This happened on a different phone of mine.I don't know if it's the cable or its ...
When is it coming?It's already MayI really want to try out android 12
Hello, I've noticed that my phone is using more ram than it should...I've tried restarting but after restarting, it still uses more than 2 GB.I tried factory resetting but that didn't work.I've had 2 software updates so far.Any help is appreciated 
I tried installing the app from the playstore but it doesn't open...Unless it isn't supported with one ui core.