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Starting tomorrow the counting of the number of days until the One UI 5 update rolls out to phones that have been waiting since the 1st day of December. My wildest guess... December 2023. If Samsung is reading this prove me wrong and release the upda...
This is a complete JOKE藍藍藍藍藍藍藍
Seems we have to wait till next year till the One UI 5 is released. But when next year that is the million dollar question. This is a complete joke. How do mid range and low end phones get the update way before the S20 series?
We are in the 3rd week of December and still no update. Now i heard that the One UI 5 update was causing battery drains and a couple of apps crashing which was fixed with the December update. Now that it's fixed we should see the One UI 5 update rele...
Is this a joke Samsung? We are half way through the month and still no update. Other phones are ready to get the January security patch and maybe also One UI 5.1 and some of us are still stuck on the October security patch. What is the delay? Did you...