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Dear samsung, the duration between the screen shot for these 2 picture below is only 1 hour . Kindly i need to know what is happening. The last update for the app is 19 june 2021 , and in the second pic is on 27 jan . Can i know what is happening in ...
I get an update today 19 /2/ 2021 and samsung ui one home has been fixed . Now i tried to check what is the new feature on it i check the details on galaxy store i see that the last update was in 27/1/2021 . What is happening?
Samsung please fix the Samsung UI home.The wedgits disappear between landscape and portrait mode after the last software update 3.0 ui.
مرحبا للجميع.من بعد ما صار مارق شهر على أندرويد ١١ اعطونا رايكم كيف تجربتكن مع هيدا التحديث، مع شو نوع الجوال ؟